Earth Magick Witchcraft Course

13 Month Course Study for Women in Witchery. Learning Spellcraft, Ritual, Ceremony and More!

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Oseaana (Lisa Parker)—Spiritual Midwife and Guide—is an Oracle, Priestess, Celestial Channel, Energy Worker, Spiritual Guide and Advisor, Ceremonialist, Rootworker, Galactic Ambassador, and Artist with over 30 years’ experience. Intuitive, creative, energetic, humorous, and bold, yet intrinsically practical, Oseaana has enjoyed her mystical and magickal work with clients and students for over 16 years.

Since childhood, she has been following the Sacred Path to see where it takes her, seeking out the Mystery. Because of this willingness to follow her intuition, she is a serious student and practitioner of many magickal and spiritual traditions. Some of her practices include Vodou, Goddess Spirituality, divination, sea magick, Hoodoo/rootwork, spiritual healing arts, Kemetic Science and other African Traditional Religions, and Dianic Witchcraft. She is a Reiki Master and Teacher, an ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church, and a graduate of the Ocean Speake Oracle Divination Program. Oseaana is called by her soul to continual learning, and is deeply committed to personal growth—as a result of this calling, she is also passionately dedicated to facilitating learning and personal growth for others.

In service to her deep connection with her Ancestors, Star Family, and Spirits, she has undergone many spiritual and occult ceremonies and rituals to strengthen her innate gifts, and she brings these experiences and knowledge to the world and into this dimension. Her magick lies in her profound dedication, authenticity, and truthfulness.

As a Cosmic Witch, Oseaana is devoted to helping people clear spiritual blockages and receive clarity during this Great Cosmic Shift. She supports those who wish to align with their True Higher Self (often referred to as Ascension), and will assist you in accessing your personal Soul Recordings (often called Akashic Records or past lives), connecting you to your cosmic origins. She offers courses in Cosmic Witchery and Starseed Readings.

Oseaana works with high-vibrational cosmic, inner-terrestrial, and multi-dimensional beings as well as her Earthly Spirits. She is a Sirian Starseed with deep cosmic soul connections to Orion and LaSy. She works with these Star Races as well as those from Vega, Arcturus, Draco, Nibiru, and others.

Oseaana serves women who wish to create a strong foundation on which to build their personal spiritual practice. Additionally, Oseaana is well-known for Get Witchified, a podcast/radio show for spiritualists, Pagans, and occult folk of any flavor.

Oseaana lives in the Twin Cities with her wife, Dawn, and their beloved furbabies. She enjoys gardening, late-night crafting sessions, and bringing laughter and snark to her many friends both online and off.

Visit her website at Oseaana.com

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and is designed to be completed in 13 months. However, some women take longer since it is a completely self-paced online course. You will be billed monthly for as long as you are active in the course.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you are actively enrolled - across any and all devices you own.
Do you offer refunds?
Because of the nature of this course and the information shared within, there are no refunds. Please be completely sure this course is for you before committing.
What if I my payment fails?
You will receive two emails; one from Teachable and one from Oseaana letting you know your payment method has failed. You will have 3 days to correct the issue and reply to Oseaana's email letting her know the issue has been corrected. If you do not contact Oseaana and the issue is not corrected within 3 days, you will be removed from the course. If you wish to continue with the course you will have to enroll again and start from the beginning.​

This course is not open for enrollment.